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i cant believe people actually still watch wrestling...   i mean i actually cannot believe it

The womens match was peak   as soon as it came on in the stadium they changed the lights and the glare was fucked, couldnt even see the ring. whole crowd chanting "we cant see" iknew le

Problem is there's only so far they can push these guys until the inevitable happens and they have to put over someone that Vince wants to push. Seen it happen too many times. Big E looked strong in

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Things ain't looking good for your girl Justin

Kia "Kharma" Stevens has been added to the Alumni list on WWE's Twitter, which usually happens after a talent has been released. She had recently hinted on her Twitter account that she had gotten married.

Kharma commented on the move, writing on her Twitter, "Getting a flood of dm's. I guess the cat's out of the bag... Yes. I have been officially promoted to the alumni section of the WWE roster."

There has been no official word from WWE regarding a release. Her profile remains in the "Superstars" section on WWE.com as of this writing, and has yet to be added on the "Alumni" section of the website.

You better hope WWE are just t.rolling to build some hype around her name before they bring her back

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Tyson Kidd>>>


Bray Wyatt is pissed. Did well to re-invent himself from Husky Harris to this crazy Louisiananversion of Mankind gimmick but he's got a shoulder injury thats gonna keep him out for up to 6 months


NXT is gonna have a championship belt. Think they're gonna do a tournament soon to decide who gets it.

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read somewhere punk holds the title but cena is the champ

It's true

Cena and AJ are the king and queen of the WWE

Cena main events most Raw and PPVs when really that should be the champs spot

While Punk usually gets the start of the 2nd hour of Raw when viewers are channel surfing or the 2nd to last match on a PPV. Punk only started getting that main event spot on Raw when he got involved with AJ

Really Cena should of turned heel a long time ago but the WWE rely him so much that he'll continue to be the young fans' superhero, the company man and the face for WWE's charities, foundations, tribute to the troops etc.

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nah no next week to cena as hes cashing in his money in the bank briefcase on raw 1000

Cena is the hook.....get them in young like hogan did and when they turn to teens is when they appreciate the likes of punk, ziggler, bryan etc....

Raw 1000 next week starts off with DX, has The Rock, Aj/Bryan wedding, Championship match for Christians IC title, WWE Title match, some legends shit with Heath Slater, Brock Lesnar and maybe the Undertaker.

Bet its still shit

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