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Emile Sande

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How as this broad not got a topic on here yet?

She as been putting int he work for a very long time

Good to see her get her break .

Better than the original. I have this on loop right now.

Big all round artist - Writer,singer,and plays the keys. Who says urban acts don't get their break?

Album is sounding good so far.


01 – Heaven

02 – My Kind Of Love

03 – Where I Sleep

04 – Mountains

05 – Clown

06 – Daddy

07 – Maybe

08 – Suitcase

09 – Breaking The Law

10 – Next To Me

11 – River

12 – Lifetime

13 – Hope

14 – Read All About It (Bonus)

Bonus Track:

15 – Tiger

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She's HARD!


her voice isnt very strong to me

but will listen to the material at some point

*Doesn't bite*

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