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Whos been to a Brothel?

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dust life

LOL why didnt you just sit down bro

dont be silly I know we both draw females, i'll give you that. But you do it with pens, pencils and other stationary. Zing Back to you esquilax at the studio.

Guest TimeBomb

u guys laugh but these girls are f*cked in the head, they got some deep emotional problems. Half of them were abused as kids, other half dont have the right to work in the UK, only a small percentage do it cos its good money. Its f*ckin sad.

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lol @ thinkin ur a badman for bangin some random woman who feels sick at the site of ur d*ck and cries when she leaves ur yard, but has no other options.

Nah some are but not all of them are like that!

Ive been to one in endz...they are actually cool. some latina one. Man can just jam in there...watch football with the people....chill and ting...they all say that they only doing it cos they want to send money to their famo back home and that they love sex but hate it when "smelly asians with small d*cks" come in LOL....You can get bare free sessions as well (if your good looking and gas up the bitches)

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