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Public f*ck*ng locations

Captain Planet

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the japanese garden in peckham rye park, also the bit with the trees, and the bit with the fountain, rinsed it back in the day.

done it al fresco in various ares of natural beauty across the country but they wernt public, beaches, meadows etc

also got noshed off in a maze, u kno the ones with the hedges, did think someone was gonna wander round the corner at any moment

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Public places... only in the car in various car parks at nite. And been caught one time by some perv lookin in. "she saw him 1st and screamed" I leaped up see the perv (just a black silhouette figure as it was 3am), he started backing away and then sprinted away at top speed, as I fired up the engine and tried to give chase driving after him with full beams on. He dived into some bushes in panic, didnt bother hang around to investigate esp at that hour.

Most risky place.. (not exactly public!?) has been with an ex years back in her parents house droppin her home after some club, at the bottom the stairs whilst they where alseep and another time in the dining room whilst they where watching tv in living room across the hallway.

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All I'm saying is, wearing a skirt is a prerequisite.

Not about unbuttoning jeans and sh*t.

Had public sex a couple times with the missus, last time was getting back from a gig, ducked into some alleys in town and started going for it.

Spot some car lights heading our direction, pulled our pants up sharpish and pretended to be kissing in the alley. Tried to walk off like nothing happened, till I tripped over.

Apparently I was walking off with my pants still down my ankles :lol:

Either way, was bait but I'm 20, so I didn't give a feck!!!!

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Hyde park, theres a few spots where the grass is long and the foot path is good enough distance, make sure shes wearing a skirt and u can just climb on top and ease it in, people will just think ur hugging and messing about. Did it with one moroccan slapper, was a summers a warm day though.

Lol funny because I've actually witnessed someone shagging in the Hyde park high grass.

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