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The Somalian

Filming for a riot movie today

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if anyone is on it let me know PM's asap need to be there for 2:45 filming for today ends at 10 get to aldgate east for that time if u dont get through to me bring change of clithes dress like chaps4uns for it

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I was waiting for my wifey outside her school today. Was waiting outside her gates like I have done most days for the past two weeks. Teacher come up to me when my girl comes up to me and kisses me. Saying that am I her legal guardian I said yeah I am man started to ask me for id. I kept it cool as I don't want to start a scene. Anyhow got to her house her dad says the school phoned and they are concerned about her relationship with me. Dad asked if I can stop

Picking her up from school. Can the school do this? I am thinking I should

Low it as she will be leaving in may for her gcse's what would u do?

A lesson you still need to learn, it seems.

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