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Carol Vorderman sheeezeee


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would like to know what it looks like out the garms ¬_¬

these devices these days ¬_¬

Very true

I hear that but I think that's 100

Not like vordomen need to fake di back

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Guest chap44uns

I don't know if the camera angel is not doing her figure justice but her bum looks huge,If I saw myself looking like that in the paper I'd be horrified and I'm a 34-24-34 ,49 year old. - Ang, Norfolk, 15/3/2012 18:16 because it is huge..I dont get all the comments about her figure being great in the past..it really isnt all that

- mark adam, london, 15/3/2012 21:05

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Quite frankley, I am sick of seeing her fat backside! Put it away love you are making a fool of yourself!

- Lynn, Manchester UK, 15/3/2012 20:43

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why does she flaunt that awful beach ball bum its like something out of a cartoon and not at all attractive

dm comments >>>

:rofl: :rofl:

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