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Afternoon VIP2,

I'm looking to broaden my experience of the world, fed up of getting up every day and having to face the streets of Bolton.

Saved up around £1,200 so far and was looking for some advice from anyone on here who could advise a good holiday for a single adult that you should experience?

I'm not really in to the Spanish resorts, I want to go somewhere I can tell the grand kids in the future and come up with the idea of maybe one of those Safari's? but I think you're looking at over £2,500.

Any recommended websites also would be appreciated.

Thank You


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haven't got the link but i saw something one 1 of the travel agent websites about a round the world trip for like £1,500... you go loads of places and would obviously need a lot of spending money but it's something i WILL be doing in the next couple years

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If you are a single adult who wants to broaden his experience of the world, you need to travel not take a holiday.

Theres so much of the world out there to see and if u stay in europe you dont need to worry about a visa or any of that pish.

Pick a season - winter or summer.

Summer, havent done one myself (yet) could be working in a bar, as a holiday rep, in a restraunt, as a driver, my friend even had a job as the sunlounger person sitting on the beach all day taking money off people who wanted to use the chairs. Best job even if you ask me.

Winter, which Im doing now, if you want to learn to ski / snowboard you can live in the moutains for 5 months. Hotels/bars/restraunts easy work not so much money but often includes accom/food/lift pass. Basically live to ride the mountain and party. Its f*ckin dope.

Imagine living here:


or here:


(I took this picture)

Meet cool people, live and work somewhere else, its easily done.

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