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Wiley in the press....

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http://music.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,...2080159,00.htmlThe ones that aren't ready for Grimetime: 50/50 and Bow E3, WileyWhile Dizzee Rascal, Wiley's protege and an MC who long outgrew his Grime roots, prepares to launch his heavily hyped third album, the Eski Boy cuts a lonely reminder of where it all began. As one of Grime's originators, he appears determined not to deviate from the limited boundaries of a genre most people lost interest in a long time ago. Sadly, Wiley was one of the only MCs who actually looked capable of doing something interesting with what he now refers to as "call it Grime, call it whatever", and yet all he manages is 50/50 - one long boast about how much of his earnings he gets to keep - and Bow E3 - one long rant in which he actually says the line "I'm so Bow E3 you wouldn't believe it." Wiley has always had a kind of loose-cannon, "what's going to happen next?" aspect to his character, but between the boasting and the bitterness, is it any wonder Grime never really took off? Listen to the songs here, and here is his MySpace page.

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