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WEEK 38 - Premier League 11/12 - THE SEASON FINALE


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Alex Ferguson says Man City have bought the title. Cost of starting City team = £161m. Cost of starting United team = £169m. #MCFC #MUFC

12/05/2012 21:12

On paper this looks amazing but in reality it isn't as Uniteds figure is based on the last 10 years as that's when we bought Camel-Face, City's figure is based upon the past few seasons..........

I'd love to know what the respective figures are for the past 5 years, as even if you take the last 9 years City blow us out of the water,

In short, this is a pointless and meaningless stat.

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ESPN Soccernet ‏ @ESPNSoccernet

BREAKING: Ruud van Nistelrooy has announced his retirement from football.

Not even sure what to say about the guy, lost count of the annoy t if times he dragged us out of the sh*t, always had a chance of getting something from

A game with him around, love the man.

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for a small fee

i can resurrect something back from the dead

i think arsenal guys know what it is

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At that moment in time their comments were justified though.

Don't see the point in all this hindsight bullying tbh.

Make you look stupid imo.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

and Tulse STFU and consider yourself lucky cos I spared you and your at the time Tottenham fan comments. Smh.

Lol at justified. Your missing the point, I warned them this was gonna happen, but instead of humbling they kept going and now they shall eat the pie.

and on Saturday nght, if Chelsea win... Oh wow, bring your popcorn.

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fuck arsenal, what have you really got to celebrate about tho?

you were winning titles a while ago now its all about finishing a point above us :lol:


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