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Mr. Gayle

Euro 2012 TV Schedule

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Fri 8 June

BBC Poland v Greece: 17.00 Warsaw

ITV Russia v Czech: 19.45 Wroclaw

Sat 9 June

BBC Holland v Denmark 17.00 Kharkiv

BBC Germany v Portugal 19.45 Lviv

Sun 10 June

ITV Spain v Italy: 17.00 Gdansk

ITV Ireland v Croatia: 19.45 Poznan

Mon 11 June

ITV France v England: 17.00 Donetsk

BBC Ukraine v Sweden: 19.45 Kiev

Tues 12 June

ITV Greece v Czech: 17.00 Wroclaw

ITV Poland v Russia: 19.45 Warsaw

Wed 13 June

ITV Denmark v Portugal: 17.00 Lviv

BBC Holland v Germany: 19.45 Kharkiv

Thurs 14 June

BBC Italy v Croatia: 17.00 Poznan

ITV Spain v Ireland: 19.45 Gdansk

Fri 15 June

ITV Ukraine v France: 17.00 Donetsk

BBC Sweden v England: 19.45 Kiev

Sat 16 June

BBC Greece v Russia: 19.45 Warsaw

BBC Poland v Czech: 19.45 Wroclaw

Sun 17 June

ITV Portugal v Holland 19.45 Kharkiv

ITV Denmark v Germany: 19.45 Lviv

Mon 18 June

BBC Croatia v Spain 19.45 Gdansk

BBC Italy v Ireland: 19.45 Poznan

Tues 19 June

ITV Sweden v France: 19.45 Kiev

ITV England v Ukraine: 19.45 Donestsk

Thu 21 June

Quarter-final TBA: 19.45 Warsaw

Fri 22 June

Quarter-final TBA 19.45 Gdansk

Sat 23 June

Quarter final TBA 19.45 Donetsk

Sun 24 June

Quarter-finals TBA 19.45 Kiev

Wed 27 Jun/Thu 28 Jun

Semi-finals TBA (Both live on BBC)

Sun 1 July

Final BBC & ITV Kiev

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