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fam thats my new fav website

might make a twitter quoting posts from there...like that chelsea guy (not now though lol i got p's to make)

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Zeus and Frederic are the biggest doughnuts on that website.

Zeus has a weird fondness for Arabs because 3 of them saved his life when he was in the Greek special forces as part of a NATO taskforce. He now considers them white (what an honour) and often gets into heated arguments with other members because of it.

He says he was deported from France for using racist language whilst beating up some Moroccans who apparently tried to mug him. He claims he did the same to an "illegal immigrant drug dealer from Nigeria" who was beating up a white, female junkie who ended up testifying against him in court and now he's "unable to pass the bar".

Here's a thread he made after one of the Admins pm'd him an abusive message


I believe you are afraid of negroes, that's why you mention them in every singlepost. Yep, that's it. Did one knock you out and now you are embarrassed. You can tell me. I'll keep quiet. I believe that's the case you ****en coward! "


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You must be talking about Frederic. This dude thinks Benzema plays for Real Madrid because of "affirmative action"f and that his only purpose is to sell shirts in Arab nations. He also thinks Giroud is a better player.

These are series of videos he made highlighting mistakes by black defenders and goalkeepers.





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Police investigate racist Euro 2012 tweets

Police have launched an investigation into allegations of online racist abuse during England's Euro 2012 quarter final defeat on Sunday.

It is alleged black players Ashley Cole and Ashley Young were singled out by a Twitter user after they failed to score penalties against Italy.

In a series of postings the user claimed to be joking.

The police said they were examining possible offences under the Public Order Act.

In one post the tweeter wrote: "All I got to say is this was just a joke, you guys need to relax, police know i was kiddin around and they won't bother me hopefully, cheers."

A reply from the West Midlands Police account said: "Wrong. Your comments may constitute a public order offence. We have advised complainants how to officially report this to police."

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said on Monday: "We are aware of alleged racist comments on Twitter following last night's England game and have launched an investigation.

"The allegation was made by a member of the public relating to comments on a Twitter account supposedly based in London.

"The Metropolitan Police Service is examining possible offences under Section 18/19 Public Order Act 1986."

No arrests have been made.


LMAO pissed

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Just abit of the ol' racial/racist banter mate, the police know he was only kidding around,

surely everyone knows what the deal is with these twitter comments now, hopefully these faux apologies don't constitute some sort of show of innocence, the book and all its contents will hopefully be thrown

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