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Since everyone is a 'droppers'... Crep Check

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Since everyone who frequents the trainer thread professes to be some sort of 'droppers' I think thy should back their talk and show how this pans out in real life.

Basically post your shoes as they worn.

I dont profess to be such but just to get this going here are my old battered Fred Perry shoes...


Joke away as long as you post your own, could be a decent thread...

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Bottom left.

oh thats your hair, i thought you were wearing a hat in your sig

was about to post a pic of my feet but then i clocked they're hairy as sh*t n ppl will laff at me n call me a hobbit n that would be bad for me self esteem

its warm as f*ck, no need for socks, shoes n trousers

mogli when i'm ere

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