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Davicious X

Creative Expression... Reloaded

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A few years ago Kurious started a Creative Expression thread (See link below), I had promised to drop some things I had been working on and never got round to it, but as some of my works are nearing completion now so I decided to make good on my promise.


2 things before you get into it though, I left the character names in for continuity of reading purposes BUT character descriptions have been omitted except anywhere where what a character is wearing is part of the progression of the story.

I welcome both positive and negative feedback so please, in the way that only Vip2 can, don't hold back.


The elevator pinged as the doors opened. The ping echoed out into the wide dark chamber. Nathanial Nuke and Isis stepped out of the elevator, guns drawn and bathed in the light from the elevator behind them. They checked their surroundings but saw only dark walls and pillars. The elevator pinged again and the doors closed, bringing the hall back to darkness, except for the torch lights from their weapons that danced across the pillars. Isis propped up against a near pillar. Nathanial took the pillar on the other side and touched the communicator in his ear.

‘Is everyone in place?’ Nathanial whispered to his comrades. He checked his weapons as he awaited a response. The earpiece crackled to life ‘In position’ Came the deep voice of Dark Stone.

Horizon responded with the sound of rotors in the background ‘I’m en route’.

Nathanial allowed a brief smile to spread across his lips, and he waited for Future Kid to respond. ‘Future, are you up?’ said Nathanial over the communicator. Isis waved it off.

‘Don’t worry about him’ Isis said ‘He’s a good kid. He always comes through.’ Isis strafed her weapon over the hall, looking for signs of danger, and what they had come for. What they had come for was in this chamber. It would be right in the centre of the hall. It’s always in the centre of the hall.

Nathanial and Isis moved up the hall making sure not to leave themselves open between each pillar for more than a moment. Pausing between each pillar, they nodded to one another to confirm it was safe to move on.

The pedestal was indeed in the middle of the hall. The thin metal stem stood just over a metre tall, and floating centimetres above it was a small vial of purple liquid that seemed to self-illuminate.

‘All this mess over something so small’ Isis sighed as she approached the pedestal. A ping from the elevator startled her however and she dived behind a pillar. Nathanial rotated round to the other side of his pillar, cursed then whispered into his earpiece ‘Future? Are you in place? It’s about to get hot up here’… still no response. Nathanial peaked out from his hiding spot to see what they were up against. He cursed to himself again.

The feared T.R.A.D Squad, led by the unyielding General Hardcastle stepped out of the elevator. Under his command, three men and two women, all well built and incredibly well trained. Tactical Reconnaissance and Air Division, but what were they doing here? Well, being that they were over 100 stories high could possibly turn this into an aerial assault ‘I guess someone else had the same idea as us’ Nathanial thought to himself.

Nathanial took another peak around the corner. If the sight of The T.R.A.D Squad only surprised him, the figure stepping out of the elevator now, left Nathanial Nuke dumbstruck.

Thraxor stepped out of the lift into the hall, elated that the lights were off, yet slightly annoyed that he could barely see. He was happy because the darkness suggested that he had beaten Nathanial Nuke to the serum. The minor annoyance of the lack of light, he could fix with a mere thought. Thraxor’s eyes pulsed with electrical energy and the lights in the hall began to flicker and come to life revealing the chamber in its splendour. Beautiful grey circular stone pillars led into the distance. Dark marble floors reflected the high ceiling lights, and a panoramic view of the world as the full length windows polarized to allow light both ways through. Except for where the lift was, you could see for miles in every direction. At the lift the wall matched the dark grey marble of the floor.

The T.R.A.D Squad fanned out using hand signals. Hardcastle stayed by Thraxor’s side. ‘The area appears to be secure sir’ he said to Thraxor who paid him no mind. Neither of them eyed each other, what Thraxor had sighted however, was what he had come for. The serum would change everything. He reached out his hand as if the mere movement alone would allow him to remove the vial from the metal pedestal, 30 metres away.

Isis looked at Nathanial quizzically as if to ask “What do we do now?” Nathanial whispered into his communicator ‘Future Kid, you need to be in position now’ There was still no answer from Future Kid as Thraxor and his Lieutenant began towards the serum.

Nathanial slung his weapon on his back and thought for just a moment before contacting ‘Dark Stone, cover Future Kid’s position. He’s not responding to communication’ Dark Stone came back straight away ‘I’m on it’. Dark Stone began to move straight away. ‘Dammit’ Stone uttered to himself as he cut the communication

‘Stick to the plan’ Nathanial whispered to Isis as one of The T.R.A.D Squad appeared over his shoulder.

‘LOOK OUT’ Isis shouted, and Nathanial turned to meet his adversary. In one smooth manoeuvre Nathanial used his left hand to knock the man’s weapon away, grabbed his arm in two places, turned in, leaned forward and pulled hard. The man was dragged over Nathanial’s shoulder into the pillar. A right hook to the gut and a left uppercut put the man down, but the commotion had also alerted the rest of The T.R.A.D Squad to his presence.

‘GO FOR THE SERUM’ Nathanial shouted as he leaped from behind his pillar, unslung his weapon and came out firing. Isis didn’t need to be told twice. Four quick strides had her at the pedestal. She grabbed the serum, rolled to avoid incoming fire from T.R.A.D. Squad, and headed for the far window as fast as she could.

The elevator pinged indicating the doors were ready to close. Nathanial leaped from his pillar firing at Thraxor. Behind Nathanial, Isis had the serum and was headed in the opposite direction. Nathanial was going straight for Thraxor who dodged bullets left and right but he held his ground. The rounds he avoided however went straight into the elevator, interfering with the sensor and reopening the doors before they could fully close.

Nathanial looked to clatter right into Thraxor now but at the last moment Thraxor evaded, billowing his cape and obscuring Nathanial’s view. Nathanial didn’t slow though, and as he cleared the cape General Hardcastle was in his path. No way could he stop now though. Nathanial ducked to avoid the right fist of General Hardcastle. As he ducked, and at the pace he was moving, he managed to twist, get both hands on an object attached to Hardcastle’s utility belt, slip it free, and fall into a backwards role before springing back up, spinning on his heels and stumbling into the lift.

Thraxor and Hardcastle turned to Nathanial Nuke, and was about to advance on him when a loud crash of glass behind them averted their attention. They turned quickly enough to see Isis cannonball through a massive window pane at the opposite end of the hall.

So what had Nathanial Nuke wrestled free from Hardcastle’s belt? A small metallic round ball, about the size of a tennis ball, split by a single equator line and with a dip in either half for thumbs. Nathanial raised an eyebrow and twisted the two halves against each other. The metal ball split slightly and a blue light emanated from that slit, accompanied by a low rising whine. ‘Yep, definitely a bomb’ He thought to himself, but as Nuke rolled it out of the lift and the sound of metal against marble caught the attentions of Thraxor and General Hardcastle, the metal ball only exploded out to become an energy shield. Its blue hue covered the entrance to the elevator, nobody in or out. Thraxor growled, his eyes pulsed with that electrical energy again and he sent a bolt of pure energy from his hands that simply rippled on the energy shield.

The elevator pinged and Nathanial smiled as the doors began to close again, but he stepped forward and stopped them from doing so. Thraxor glared at Nathanial through the shield, a piercing stare that might have gone through Nathanial Nuke himself had it not been for the energy shield. Thraxor never took his eyes of Nathanial as he barked an order ‘Go after her General. I want. That. Serum’

‘Sir!’ Responded Hardcastle who turned on his heels and headed towards the new exit made by Isis. ‘Squad on me’ He ordered as his troops, two men and two women joined him and they marched towards the broken window. He saw the third male unconscious on the ground by a pillar where Nathanial Nuke had left him. Hardcastle didn’t pay him a second thought. He simply approached the smashed window and stepped out, followed by his lieutenants.

There is more and it is very finished but me putting more up depends on the demand.

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A 'serum' and 'all this for something so small' are a bit clichéd but I liked it

Can you send me the rest?

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Open the door,close the door, i am so confused,lost in the friction of life,NO!!...i have never read a diction-ary in my life,quite scary, Mary Mary quite contrary......Isnt it?

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Open the door,close the door, i am so confused,lost in the friction of life,NO!!...i have never read a diction-ary in my life,quite scary, Mary Mary quite contrary......Isnt it?


nah im watching that show now

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