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The Festival thread

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Could hardly tell the difference when you put that nose thing on

People that dont like Kanye's rants just dont get it tbh..

This is why I hate people.

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Not a festival 


But I went to see this 

Ice-T and Ron McCurdy – the Langston Hughes Project Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz



on saturday @ the Barbican

Best live theatre I have ever watched.  Some chick recommended it and copped me a ticket. I was a bit sceptical. I didn't know what to expect. Seeing ICE-T's name involved. A nice blend of Jazz and African American History with poetry. 


It was weird seeing Ice-T coming from that angle. Real classy stuff 


It was mind blowing.  A very diverse crowd and all, that genuinely appreciated good music. I am not really into festivals and concerts too tough. But, I might have just found a lane that I might be paying more attention to. 


Seeing and listening to some instruments live is a different experience. I might have to hit a classical set sometime. 

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I'll go there within the next 2 years I hope.


Wanna go Dekmantel and Unsound this year.


Would love to go to Byron Bay Bluesfest but I have no motivation to go otherwise to Australia and f*ck spending 30+ hours each way for just that.

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Everyone's at born and bred next weekend 

didn't even know about junction2

looks live. Love this..

This summer sees the launch of Junction 2, a new festival for London. At an intriguing, new location. The message is simple - great sound, high-end production, an attention to detail, no short sets, no VIP, no plastic tents and like-minded people. Stages hosted by Drumcode and The Hydra alongside LWE’s brand, Closer. 

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