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Fighting Weight

September 15th schedule clash

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In addition to being the day I happened to be born

Showtime have Goldenboy fighter Victor Ortiz booked to fight Saul Alvarez as a main event

And in a separate fight schedule, Top Rank have Sergio Martinez v Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Obviously these will be two entirely different cards kicking off head-to-head, which isn't good for either as fans will be divided, noone is going to pay for two PPV's and only watch one, similarly no promoter wants their potential customers halved (which is confusing as Top Rank booked this event long after Martinez/Chavez had been confirmed)

Both very good fights too, one of the promotional companies has to give

Martinez has told Alvarez 'move your ppv date or I will drop down to 154 and destroy you' :lol:

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