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Team of the tournament?


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Genuinely interested, not been at home for the majority of the tournament, have barely kept up with here, Twitter or Football Weekly so I don't think I've been influenced much (although I've just seen this topic elsewhere which has lead me to bring it here).

Anyway, from what I've seen (everything tbf, but the first week was spent watching the games in in coffeeshops in 'dam)


Gabre Sellassie - Hummels - Terry - Alba

Pirlo - Alonso

Iniesta - Gerrard - Ronaldo


Probably missed out a few. Khedira, Nani and Coentrao have been fantastic. Can't forget Balotelli, Mandzuckic who are probably the best out and out strikers at the tournament but Cassano has been class.

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That reminds me BSOM tried to argue that Balotelli wasn't a threat in behind and also he wasn't key to Pirlo's game.

The games against England and Germany

Should dead that debate

It slyly did, i was going on the fact he never played that way for city.

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will wait till after the final

certain postions that could go either way

but cr7, Moutinho and Contrao are a must for me

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