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Time We Done Something

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Many of us on here have come from a poverty stricken background or have been influenced by those from a certain background into following the wrong paths in life but as a forum we've communicated for many years now and in a weird sort of way we have probably prevented ourselves from going out and mixing with the wrong crowd, a useful distraction if you like.

With a lot of us on here either currently at University, graduated or holding down full time employment as a community we're probably realizing our responsibilities and heading off into positive directions in life and there is a lot more we can be doing to change the mindset of the young generation in inner cities today.

Do you think it's time to change the nature of the forum around into something more positive like a charity? whereby we can start giving back to a community like talks on education and helping the future of this country.

There must be plenty of contacts between us that can arrange some sort of funding etc

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Was just briefly going over some concepts,

We all have fields of interest such as Business, Sports, Magazines, Beauty, Gaming, Music, History, Politics and I've seen this from some of the passionate posts on the forum in this area.

Why couldn't we host like a games night? field trips to sporting events? collective educational advice from our experience at Universities? Music making competitions? get local debates going on current economic and social issues?

I'm sure all these would give some sort of interest and wouldn't really be too time consuming for us especially if we pulled together collectively as a group.

One issue is funding - If we all got together and put money in maybe there could a chance this would lift off

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A youtube drama mini series

Venus / The dirty games men play / phoneshop

Based on true stories AKA inspired by love and life room topics and posts... ie the venting thread

you could pretty much straight lift some dialogue from the back and forths etc

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