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Mr ShaoDow - Bullspit

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What Happens When You Put Opera & Grime In A Blender?

Building on the success of his animated video 'Get Stronger' featuring Ghetts, ShaoDow teams up with the Haberdasher's Askes' Hatcham College senior orchestra and a mad conductor in order to provide a visual representation of the raw energy that the track creates. The epitome of talent, the HAHC orchestra learned to play the entire songwithin an hour of hearing it.

An unapologetic marriage of classical and urban, the lead track from the 'Cut The BullSpit Album' is hype with a message. Specifically targeted at the snake oil merchants of this world 'BullSpit' politely offers you a cup of tea and a biscuit right before it slaps you in the face and jumps out your window. ShaoDow's machine gun style and gift for wordplay shines from start to finish. Inspired by the classical sample taken from The Toreador (Bullfighter's) song, he uses bull and cow metaphors to convey his point

Watch The Video Here :

You can now pre-order ShaoDow's forthcoming album Cut The BullSpit which is an independently released album on D.I.Y entertainment. It will be available on pre-order six weeks before the official release date.

Cut The BullSpit Album (pre-order for £3.99, regular retail price £7.99) :


If success is a red flag, Mr ShaoDow is definitely an angry bull in the middle of a field.

Follow Mr ShaoDow on Twitter @MrShaoDow

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