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The Tottenham Report - Official Neighbourhood Views

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Lets get the information build up for the new season! any quotes you find on here or across the internet regarding Tottenham we want so see! any funny videos or news articles you think are worth reading then post in here!

The idea is to stack up as much information as the days go by for a review at the end of the season but please KEEP IT CLEAN, this is not a thread to INSULT or ABUSE anyone, RACISM will not be tollerated and if you do then you will be removed from the Arsenal room permanently.


Right my contribution so far over what's transpired in the last couple of weeks;

June - July

1. Massive investment expected from Dubai.

2. Luka Modric staying.

3. Gareth Bale signs a new deal.

4. New stadium in the works.

5. AVB has said he expect to challenge for the title.

6. Hugo Lloris, Loic Remy, Lisandro Damiao, Jan Vertonghen, Jack Butland, Lebondowski expected to sign within the next couple of days.

7. Addy Adebayor to pen a big contract.

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pmsl, guys got problems

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- Friedle-

-Walker - Kaboul - Dawson - Ekotto -

- Parker - Siggurdsson -

-Lennon -Van Der Vaart -Bale -

- Adebayor-


-Van Persie

-Podolski - Santi - Oxlade -

- Song - Arteta -

- Gibbs - Vermaelen - Koscielny - Sagna -

- Szescny -

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