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Moat 2012?

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old man wernt ramping with the ting

Police officer shot dead in street: Hunt for gunman in row with neighbours who blasted off-duty PC in the head

  • Public advised not to approach wanted man, Peter Reeve, 64, who is thought to be armed
  • Shooting took place in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex shortly after 3.30pm today
  • Dead officer named as PC Ian Dibell, who was based in Colchester
  • Victim was an off-duty policeman who lived closed to scene of shooting
  • Witnesses say PC Dibell ran to help a couple who were being shot at in the street

Armed police were last night hunting a gunman who shot dead an off-duty policeman.

Ian Dibell, 41, was blasted in the head at close range when he raced to investigate an incident near his home. Witnesses said shots were being fired wildly by a man chasing two of his neighbours.

He hit one of them in the leg and hit Mr Dibell with another round as the officer ran across the road to help. He died at the scene.

Essex police have named the gunman as Peter Reeve and have told residents of Clacton-on-Sea to stay indoors.

Scroll down for video



Suspect: Police are searching for Peter Reeve, right, in connection with the shooting of PC Ian Dibell, left

Neighbours said the 64-year-old loner and the pair he was pursuing had been locked in a long-running feud over noise and parking.

‘I saw the guy running out chasing two people out of the building into the street,’ said one resident. ‘A girl and a guy in their 30s ranout and I could see this man firing potshots at them.


‘The woman was screaming and as she ran off he took aim at the guy. He fired about three shots and one caught the man and he went down. He was shouting “help, help” to the off-duty policeman.

‘Next thing I knew a shot was fired and the policeman was on the floor. I think he was shot in the head but it all happened so quickly.

‘He was off duty and in jeans at the time – it was just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.’


The victim's body is covered with a red blanket at the scene of the shooting in Redbridge Road, Clacton

Enlarge article-2171033-13FE6A02000005DC-709_634x410.jpg

The Police Federation of England and Wales has identified the dead man as PC Ian Dibell

Eric Long, 80, said he looked out of his living room window to see Reeve holding a firearm.

‘I heard a bang – I had been asleep then heard it. I spent 30 years in the air force so I knew what it was,’ he added.


The Police Federation has paid tribute to PC Dibell, who 'paid the ultimate price'

‘I saw him standing with some kind of revolver. He was chasing somebody, firing as he went. I then saw the black man running down the street. He looked like he might have fallen over and he had his phone glued to his ear.

‘Something just got too much. He had asked for help before – this guy lived below him and they clashed.

‘The way I look at it there was just no way of stopping him – it was a build-up of things. Some people get tense and then just eventually explode.

‘He was very pleasant to speak to but he had certain views on how the world should be – he has certain standards.’

Armed police raced to Fairlop Close at about 3.30pm yesterday after a flurry of 999 calls.

Mr Dibell, who lived close by in Redbridge Road, was treated in the street by paramedics but died before he could be put into an ambulance.

His girlfriend, Louise Lilley, 40, a police support officer in East Clacton, was being comforted by colleagues and a family liaison officer last night.

Neighbours said Reeve, who came from Cornwall, reappeared in the street two minutes after the shots were fired and sped off in his car.

One resident said he was a ‘nice chap’ and a ‘very smart man’ who was known for helping other elderly neighbours.



Police lead residents through the scene near Redbridge Road, Clacton, where PC Ian Dibell was shot dead


Police have begun a manhunt for the gunman responsible for killing one man and injuring another outside a house in Clacton this afternoon, shortly after 3.30pm

He said: ‘I’ve known him for a long time. He probably has the nicest decorated flat in the whole place.’

Sandra Johnson, 45, said: ‘I heard a lot of commotion around half three. I was in my kitchen with my window open so I could hear a lot of noise. But I just thought it was a row.


Armed officers are reported to have entered a house in neighbouring Havering Close during their search for the murder suspect

‘I just want it to be over. I’m a bit scared as I have a 15-year-old daughter. It’s very quiet here usually and we aren’t used to this noise so it was a bit of a shock.’

A police spokesman described Reeve as 5ft 10in with short greyish hair and wearing jeans and possibly glasses. They warned people not to approach him and to dial 999 if they saw him or any suspicious activity.

A police helicopter and dog teams joined the search as forensic experts combed Fairlop Close and Redbridge Road for clues and erected a gazebo over where Mr Dibell fell.

Speaking last night, Paul McKeever, chairman of the Police Federation, said it was ‘a very sad day indeed’.

He added: ‘Our thoughts are with the family and friends of our colleague who has been killed in Essex. Every police officer in the country is thinking of our colleagues in Essex who are hunting the gunman.’ Mark Smith, chairman of the Essex Police Federation, said: ‘This is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with Pc Ian Dibell’s family, friends and colleagues at this extremely sad time.

‘Constable Ian Dibell was a dedicated professional officer who, even though off duty, has paid the ultimate sacrifice for his bravery and selfless actions in trying to protect his local community. This appalling incident highlights the dangers that police officers face every day.

‘No words can help those closest to Pc Dibell at this terribly distressing time but I hope they will find some comfort in knowing that the loss of this brave man is mourned by the entire police family throughout the United Kingdom.’

Ashley Jones, 41, owner of nearby tanning and beauty salon Ultra-Violet, said last night: ‘I’ve been here for 18 years and it’s not a bad place but it’s definitely got worse over the past two years.’

The shooting took place a few miles from Frinton-on-Sea where police marksman Brian Bishop was killed by an armed robber in August 1984.

He died in hospital four months after he was shot while challenging a post office robber.


Armed police at the scene of today's shooting. A manhunt is underway for 64-year-old Peter Reeve, who is believed to have carried out the killingarticle-2171033-13FEA8BC000005DC-581_634x517.jpg

Teams of armed officers have spread out across Clacton and a police helicopter has been deployed


PC Dibell is believed to have been based at Colchester Police Station (pictured)

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oh well

off duty c*nt shouldve minded his own

Agree trying to be superman

I also thought of moat when I heard this

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wheres Lens?

im suprised man aint in the streets celebrating like them muslims when they kill an American soldier

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Condolences to his friends & family.

Gaz ain't dead yet fam

Pray for him.

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Over parking spaces u know smh

and bossman birdie didn't even make a call

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He killed himself at his wife's grave

i know I shouldn't

I know

but :lmao:

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Don't want to be no buzzkillington,

But I do not see how that could be funny in anyway..At all.

timeline I understood was

- shoot at your neighbours (get one in the leg)

- head-shot the off-duty officer

- cry at your dead wife's grave and commit suicide

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