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DC++ Real Doans kno

look like one a dem baddies in the kung fu movies

tbh trim did get it wrong, never got scabs cos he licked kerry's pum he got scabs cos crazy gassed him & he had an allergic reaction which caused his face to rot away by the fraction his face lo

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The first and quite possibly the only true black british music genre is completly dead.

Personally couldnt name you any new grime mcs,dont know any mixtapes or grime albums released in the past 3/4 years,dont even know where to find the music.

Grm daily are more drill now.

Link up was never really grime.

Rip grime.

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Kano's album dropping at the end of the month. Looking forward to it.

But yeah the scene doesn't appear to be buzzing like it once was. I do wish the black UK scene was a bit more active on a non-local level, there's so much talent but it seems like people aren't far-reaching enough.

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problem is the genre lacks cultural influence

it was amazing during the 2000-2006 years because it felt like a reflection of the places we grew up in (and it was while we were still growing up too), and the emotion, the anger and hype put into the music felt genuine and you could relate

no one's music sounds like "this is how I live" any more, even in their own perspective, except Slowthai and that's why his shit is probably the best you could associate with the genre


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Give it time lads it’ll be back eventually histor will repeat itself I will see to it

kids can’t do anything properly  without the backing and support of wise OGs

whether you old farts can relate to it or even notice it by that time is a different story

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