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Anyone going to the olympics?


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can you get in the olympic village without a ticket/pass or whatever?

whats parking like around stratford? are all the roads double yellow or red round there?

isit worth driving up to east someone time to feel the vibes?

You can't park in Newham unless you have a virtual permit. Which can only be obtained if you are a resident or a resident registers you

Between what times? Or is it 24 hours for the Olympics?

Surely there must be some free parking spots around stratford, bring ins?

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Remember the Olympic ban on WiFi hotspots to ensure the games' corporate sponsors could sell you back access at a premium? The threat to seize or eject anyone caught using such gear seemed hollow -- after all, how could you be found in a crowd of 90,000? It turns out, LOCOG have employed WiFi police, chasing down unauthorized signals with their big red detectors. Although we should give them some credit -- you'll certainly see them coming from a mile away.

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Just sat here for 8 hours with the 5 second refresher thing, watched the page for 1 hour constantly after last night they popped up around this time then BANG it changed! ATHLETICS straight in with the 2 full tickets bang MURKED the captcha straight in to the queue with 2 minutes to wait!


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