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Anyone going to the olympics?


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Not even

To get to Canning Town

I normally drive from Victoria Park but I had a few things to do in Stratford.

So I decided to jump on the train

Got to the station couldn't move on the platform/on the train/stairs/elevator

On the way back was a madness

Had to get go through Westfields then go up the stairs then walk that place what looks like Wembley way then down the stairs out of the station then walk back into the station

Then got the train just to go one stop

Cuz there was this chick next to me she smelt of vomit/piss/bo/weave


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Ended driving to Tottenham hale and getting a 5 min train from there, worked a treat. Parked in that retail ark thing opposite the station.

Words of advice: you have like 3 hours free parking and they stop checking at 6. So you're risking getting a ticket if you park there before 3pm (and don't return sooner).

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