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Empty Olympic Venues


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Womens Gymnastics this morn:


Volleyball Yest:


Swimming Yest:


Mens Gymnastics



It looks like the problem has been caused by the expensive tickets not being fully sold out, and the tickets given to sponsors and dignitaries have not been fully used. Seb Coe has now come out and said that it won't happen in the future games. I think he's thinking wishfully tbh.

I personally think that this is a massive pisstake. Most events that you watch you can see that the party atmosphere is further back where the cheaper tickets are. This has essentially been caused by greed.

They should have offered the tickets to small sports clubs up at discount rates when they knew they weren't selling (e.g. offered the unsold Volleyball tickets to Volleyball clubs). They would have got people that were actually interested in the sports watching them then.

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This is what I'm saying.

I originally tried to get Handball tickets when they went on sale because it's a sick sport. Nextly quick. But they were sold out. Now the seats are empty?!

I'm sure there is actually a ticket office somewhere where you can get tickets on the day, but surprise surprise I can't find out any info online about it.

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Let me give you lot my tip

Step 1: Olympic ticket website

Step 2: Use firefox and install reload every which will refresh the page every 5s https://addons.mozil...on/reloadevery/

Step 3: Keep an eye on your laptop and wait for tickets

went to see the basketball today my mum got 100m womens relay finals but let them go in the end because they were too expensive shes holding out for 100m mens relay finals but i doubt they will show up.

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