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Empty Olympic Venues


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They give tickets out to these guys who dont really give a sh*t when they could give it to the younger generation who would love to be there


aren't these just the security getting free seats? my mate's working as a cleaner and he gets to see whatever isn't full for free

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Spanish Geezer at my work bought "Park Only" tickets a few weeks back for him and his wife so they could have a wonder around the park.

These tickets are £10 and he's travelled in from Watford, so he reckons it was basically free as it came with a travel card.

Anyway, once he was in there he asked a steward if there was anyway he could get tickets. The steward told him to head over to the basket ball courts and he might get lucky.

He did. He caught a pair of re-sold tickets for £5 for yesterday's USA women's basketball game. He says he was in there for just over an hour.

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whoever created the software for this ticketing system needs to be thrown into a north korean bum bandit prison

its a f*ck*ng disaster

this sh*t isn't even remotely close to real time

I don't understand if there's tickets available why do i have to wait 15 mins for them to find the tickets then they tell me there's not any left?!

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its f*cked

i wait 20 - 30 mins which in LOCOG time is 15 mins requesting tickets

it says no tickets found after request

go back to the search

see tickets for the same sh*t i was just told don't exist

f*ckCKKFSAJDFJ GOSGGS@gpj spgsaprssoergojhwh

i think the problem maybe that it still shows tickets available that have already been reserved in peoples baskets but they haven't actually processed payment.


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Someone must know what time the new tickets are about to be dropped online then they tell a mate who tells a mate who tells a mate

Before you know it what's published is probably all gone.


As you can tell i've calm down and dropped the caps, accepted that it's a victory just getting your order into the basket and have took a print screen and will be putting it in a picture frame beside my bed - it's as close to a ticket you will ever get for the 100m finals.

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