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London2012 - Day 8 Official


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its like in pe in secondary school days my teacher said he put me down for 1000 meters for my final pe gcse exam

I refused and he gave me a 9 out of 10 and I got a B in the end. with out even running : /

some any secret racist who assumed it must be a "marlie" ting


Sound like you had a chip on your shoulder tbh.

He's an idiot for giving you marks without doing it but he's racist cos he put you down for 2 1/2 laps?

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how old are u bruv u sound like u got informed/educated by some bnp voting Caucasian from cornwall

fix up. they have great long distance pedigree because of condition and skill set

I have 3 years in Sports Science, what is your background in the subject?

What condition and skill set?

These are not variables that are exclusive to East Africa so that alone doesn't explain their dominance in the event.

of course there is living under the equator/mountainous regions

yeah in ur sports science book they said east africans where the first man and they chased their prey till the exhaustion :s

kmt educate yourself you sound like some bitter racist


Persistence hunting was more than likely the very 1st form of hunting for modern humans, we know man comes from East Africa because the oldest remains are always found there and the genetic trail from everybody on the planet always leads to East Africa.

I found this stuff out from various sources, nothing racist in it at all.

Seems it's you who should educate yourself.

Top debate


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