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Mame Biram Diouf

Top 4 Predictions For This Season

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Competition this season to get into the top 4 should be even tougher than last

The top two will most likely be the same unless Man City self-implode and lose morale

Other than it is once again anybodys game, but unless Tottenham secure 2 or 3 new players before deadline day or keep Modric and sign a striker I can't see them making top 4

Liverpool on the other hand under Rodgers and being led by Suarez I can see being a major problem come May

Newcastle also seem to be organically growing into a big club again, whilst everyone has been out singing attackers, they seem to have under the radar signed a holding player who could be one of the signings of the summer. Against big teams last season especially away they suffered by lacking that midfielder with the discipline to sit back and break up moves, they had Tiote doing the dogs work in the engine room but that just lacked that destroyed which they now have in Anita.

Chelsea too I can see struggling, they will have a new manager sometime during this season and need Hazard, Oscar and Marin to all settle in as well as playing Lampard in a system and with players who is he is out of his depth playing with. They are also relying on Torres to get them to the goals to carry them. Without big game Drogba I just cant see them getting a top 4 place

I'm going to go with

1. Man Utd

2. Man City

3. Arsenal

4. Liverpool

5. Newcastle

6. Chelsea

7. Tottenham

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