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On 3/11/2018 at 4:17 PM, Seydou said:


I can feel the burn from that post


On 3/12/2018 at 12:43 AM, Sho'Case said:

What's the field and role?

Venture capital analyst in a bank. Would also be helping the business to bridge relationships with startups/fintechs.  

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This new job is the first start-up I've worked for. I've literally gone from corporate down to the tea served in the breakout area, to spending my days on a sofa in the kitchen, or a bean bag in what can only be described as a play area downstairs, earning more than I did in the last role. Similarly, I genuinely feel the idea could change the world. Safe to say, gassed on the new role. Only downside is a 1:45 commute, but its one tube change so minor. 


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I hope to get a new job on monday

I have had a few dont even put half on my cv 

My didnt go in Last week was too nice called to apoligise luckily they let me off so start tuesday if i dont get this job monday 

Its all retail which i honestly dont mind and can easily walk home with 1 grand a month to play with 

Imagine if i was to buy a new flat which im goinh to as my house is falling to bit so need to downgrade 

3-5 grand deposit n bout 350 mortgage a month 

Sell my house il be nice for a few years 

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Time to kick :/ 

People running the company are afraid of giving anyone space to do work. Micromanagement to a standstill. Hopelessness everywhere.

Shame, the product had so much potential.

Arranged a freelance, apparently my wallet has great potential :D 

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its really upsetting to witness dude

I'm seeing my colleagues be shut down with every suggestion, have responsibilities taken away, be blamed for low performance and have credit given to other reasons when there is some success. And in a temporary crisis they threw everyone into panic, ended contracts with like 10 people (who those other responsibilities had been given to) and have done nothing to make people feel confident with their jobs.

I told the CEO that no one is seeing what real leadership is. Leaders empower people to do their best, not box them into a depressive state.

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40 minutes ago, Supermalt said:

Have to lead it. Long


Deadline comin up fast, whats the main things ur making people do?

Apparently we have to jus be deleting emails now. An when we save them to our filin system its gta be in pdf

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