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Two Shades of Gayle

Daniel Woods

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Just had this PM.... deep :lol:

ok now i remember there was a next forum that someone on here spoke about time ago, and i remember there being a POF thread like hours but these guys are deep in the game. Anyway after the gayle revelation i go over to the forum and theres a 'Mr Gayle' posting. So i then search all posts by this Mr Gayle, theres some duplicate posts from ones hes posted in here, and also an admittance to using male and female fake profiles to get pics :|


Do we have any PhotoShop experts on here at all ?

Need some work doing, will even pay for it.

Was up for it and keen, only lived down the road but she vanished from POF and blocked me on Whatsapp lol

adhYuNNE.jpg hidden content may not be quoted

No never, i have a fake FB page to go with it so that prob puts them at ease lol
How many fake profiles you lot got

I have 2, 1 guy 1 girl amazing how many girls respond to my fake girl

Ha told you lot she is pure flith, I f*cked her by using a fake profile lol
Create the account using a diff IP address, work, internet cafe. Your phone on someones wireless.

Or you could use Hotspot shield

As mentioned if your gonna do the fake girl profile, you def need a Facebook page also. Make sure you have lots of pix on there, going out ones and that. Have a mixture or prob have more men friends than women. Best way to do that is to "like" club events and promoters, you will get lots of ppl adding you and you will get tagge din pictures too.

Thats another thing, if possible have two fake FB accounts and tag the fake girl in pictures, looks even more real.

Also, fellas if your on for a long pOF session with the fake girls profile best advice is to have a sank 1st lol cos end of the day we are men and think like men lol many a tim five been too full too quick and end up flopping it.

Take it slowly and drop little naught comments here and there.

Remember try and think how a girl would, use words like hun babe etc also say figure not body and def not tits lol well not right away anyway

Thats just a small selection of his posts, the guy is a full on internet pervert its not even a joking matter. His victims need to be brought into the exposure topic when it breaks.

he's defo been doing this for years as well.

Great thread lol

Been doing fake profiles for years, so easy a lot of my content I've uploaded has been from fakes

Ive even shagged 2 girls by using a fake, I made out that "jason" would like a fantasy for her to shag his mate then come and shag him. Cant believe it worked, i posted the video of it. The slim brunette woman

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so wait wait wait am i right in thinking all his posts in the POF thread were an absolute MYTH?

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