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Two Shades of Gayle

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Caught up LOL Seriouss heard this and passed thru like

f*ck it even I had to come back and read this.

how do you record dave?

was gonna just use an app, but i need to conceal my number, so when i went to do the tranny thing i had to get a next method cause them adultwork chicks never answer private numbers (ive been told)

i use a VoIP service, for the tranny i just bought a London landline number (think it was £1.50) set that as my caller ID, then use their web call service to phone my mobile then connect me to their number, press #0 and it starts recording directly onto their servers, done as soon as i hung up, so i just go into the menu, download it and put it in movie maker.

soon as i hung up i just deleted the number and she couldnt contact me again

with Beazley i just use a manchester number i have, cant be bothered to buy another one just for that

costs like 4p a minute but still

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