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Michel Kane

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People like to throw this "daddy issues" term around too much

Maybe its those men who have the issues?  Maybe they are too immature/lazy/backward/domineering/full of rubbish/whatever to deal with a woman closer to their age


Not sayin all jus sayin maybe

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On 22/08/2012 at 5:42 PM, Admin. said:

on a one off 16

but thats highly unlikely as i doubt they would be in the raves i am

on an draw it down...talk to via bbm etc... has to be 18 minimum

looking at a relationship has to be no more then a 5 year gap ideally she is 2/3 years younger then me (im 26)


Young tings brazeness >>>

>>>Young tings banter

16 on a one off?????

An mans 26

So much off key goes unhighlighted

This why he sayin now mike kane lyin about his age is 'no biggie'


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On 22/08/2012 at 7:05 PM, JOHN DOE said:

16 is good n legal

as long as they dont look like they are 16 im down idgaf

altho i havent linked a girl younger than me by less than 2 years ever in my life

but i would tho if the opportunity presents itself

im 23 btw

Oh another one

See the type of guys

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1 hour ago, Grafter said:

Oh another one

See the type of guys

Rah  looking back on this it’s a bit  mad still 

It should be noted I said as long as she doesn’t look 16

altho as I said I’ve never linked a ting younger than me by two years and that still stands 

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Shes trying it tbh

didnt even edit the quotes to try and make them look worse with no context 

read both quotes fully and show me whats wrong ?

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On 22/08/2012 at 9:50 PM, Guest10 said:

I'm 25 now, so the youngest chick I would beat is 20-21.

Its true what some of you have been saying so far, the younger chicks are looking heavily developed these days. Got us older males thinking we're in the same age category as them lol.

Couple chicks I've moved to recently, I had to end the convo earlier than expected as soon as they dropped they are 18-19.

Relationship wise, I wouldn't want more than a 3 years gap between me and the chick. Just like Fraff Hunter said aswell, ideally 2-3 years younger than me.

on point 

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Fuck this anti male agenda

dont know why grafter even bumping these threads she ain’t even a female

so what mike Kane put a tings hand on his d*ck - good for him if you ask me 

got more cajones than I initaly believed

grafter just angry that she always the butters friend 

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