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Michel Kane

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known her for 2 years

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3 hours ago, youcleanwepaint said:

Why do these man love linking youngers,?

what men is this? all naturally wired humans?

no offence n that but drake dont give a toss what you lot think otherwise he'd be sat in front of the tv like you n talkin about how people do things wrong in the wrong order because things things things blah blah blah one must subconsciously justify one's own painful mediocrity 

i aint one for cuddling up to anyone on social media pics tbf but if you lads think about the best best beats you've ever had, like you dont even like the girl as a person but just the sex is just the ONE, for no obvious reason, are any of them over 25?

I dunno if it's just a coincidence from my limited experience or a universal truth or if older birds generally have more baggage n insecurities to fuck up the chemistry even when pengggggg

for the purpose of this post we'll also ignore the fact i'm a massive nonce he he hahah great joke AG you got me again 


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On 9/20/2018 at 10:50 AM, Thizz said:

Bro this been a thing. 


R Kelly/Jay Z/Dame Dash with Aaliyah 

Jay Z and Beyonce

Tyga and Kylie 


Depends what we define as a thing i suppose

Found some comment on fb listin all these types in celeb world. Will try to share it here.

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