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Toney Barton


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Yeah sad stuff.

He was that guy.

I remember the days his violator management was running tings.

Need that violator 2,0 ALBUM BACK IN MY LIFE.

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Diddy or Jimmy had a hand in it, I reckon. I think Diddy, and a lot of people in the music industry are sweating about the Jimmy Henchmen trial. If Jimmy gets the death penalty, he will implicate a lot of the shadiness that he was involved with inside the industry...the stuff about Tupac has already started to come out.


The people have spoken – Jimmy “Rosemond” Henchman is guilty of heading a crime ring that transported drugs across the U.S. – but worrying about serving the rest of his life behind bars may be the least of his problems. That’s because the former New York City drug king pin could soon face the death penalty, if found guilty of the murder of Lowell Flecher.

Inside sources say the man who once managed artists like Akon, Brandy, Gucci Mane and Game, may be heading back before a judge for a murder trial against him. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jimmy Henchman’s attorney Gerald L. Shargel.

Here’s what an insider told me about the situation:

“Yesterday Jimmy was found guilty on his drug case, his murder trail is next and if he’s found guilty he could get the death penalty.

Even if Jimmy snitches on Puffy and others, it’s not going to stand up in court. Jimmy’s a snitch, he got caught lying to the Fed’s so many times – his words mean nothing. The cops will take Jimmy’s information and probably make more arrests, but it’s not going to help Jimmy.

The U.S. Attorney has strong evidence against Jimmy for the murder of 50 Cent associate, Lowell Flecher.”

Jimmy's son got slapped outside Violator, remember?

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