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Roc Marciano

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This guy been dropping bangers for a while now

Dropped the classic album 'Marcberg' in 2010, dropping 'Reloaded' in November



Here is a mixture of tracks he released not on the album and featurings

[size=4][b]Roc Marciano – Don Status Pt. 1 & 2 (Bootleg) (2010)[/b][/size]

[b]Disc 1[/b]

01. Raw Deal

02. Caviar

03. Thug’s Prayer

04. Panic

05. Whateva,Whateva

06. Let’s Make A Toast (Ft. The Flipmode Squad & The Cream Team)

07. It’s So G

08. Swordfish (Remix) (Ft. Pumpkinhead)

09. Marcberg

10. Take That (Ft. The Flipmode Squad)

11. Lay It Down

12. Snow

13. The Heist (Ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)

14. Long Time Coming

15. Set It On Fire (Ft. The Flipmode Squad)

16. Game Of Death (Solo Version)

17. Outta Control

18. Short Race (Ft. Gza)

19. Pop

20. Just For You (Ft. The Flipmode Squad)

[b]Disc 2[/b]

01. Think Differently (Ft. Casual, Tragedy Khadafi & Vordul Mega)

02. Cake (Ft. The U.N.)

03. Franco (Ft. Rusty Grammar)

04. Golden Grail (Ft. The U.N.)

05. Dope On A Rope (Ft. The U.N.)

06. Russian Hat Wear (Ft. The U.N.)

07. Change (Ft. J-Love & Meyhem Lauren)

08. Ain’t No Thang (Ft. The U.N.)

09. Arch Druids (Ft. Arch Druids)

10. Graveyardshiftin’ (Ft. The Cali Agents)

11. L.I. (Stand Up)

12. Animal Science (Ft. Meyhem Lauren)

13. Hide My Tears

14. Avenue (Ft. The U.N.)

15. Time Kills (Ft. Dino Brave Of The U.N.)

16. Fire (Ft. Midaz Tha Beast & Joe Blow Of The Squid Ninjaz)

17. Confusion (Ft. The Magnificent Ruffians)

18. Nothin’ Lesser (Ft. The U.N.)

19. The Regulators (Ft. Sly Boogie)

20. Monsta (Ft. The U.N.)

21. Freestyle In London 2001 (Ft. Pete Rock & Mike Raw Of The U.N.)

[CODE] http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/4DG2QCF1/Roc_Marciano-Don_Status_Pt._1___2_(Bootleg)-2010-HHB.rar_links [/CODE]

[b]Roc Marciano – Don Status Pt. 3 & 4 (Bootleg) (2010)[/b]

[b]PART 3[/b]

01. Emeralds

02. Poltergeist

03. Strive feat. Tha Connection

04. Irene feat. Timeless Truth

05. Change

06. Preset Mars

07. Scarecrows

08. Body Of Work feat. Billy Woods & Masai Bey

09. Shotgun feat. Quelle Chris & Danny Brown

10. My Persona

11. The Turning Point

12. Drink It Up feat. Gangrene

13. Bushmaster Music (Remix) feat. Blaq Poet & Wais P

14. Cut Throat Rap feat. AWAR & Grafh

15. Firepower

16. Arkansas Toothpick feat. Copywrite, Planetary & Jason Rose

17. Fame feat. Evidence & Prodigy

18. Hoard 90

19. Slaves feat. Quelle Chris

20. Iron Age feat. Ka

21. Peruvian Desserts feat. Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson

22. Chewbacca feat. Random Axe

[b]PART 4[/b]

01. The Black Diamonds feat. Ghostface Killah & Killa Sin

02. Egyptology feat. A.G.

03. Do The Honors feat. Dino Brave & Lost Occupant

04. Scorched Earth Policy feat. Planet Asia

05. Crossroads feat. Meyhem Lauren

06. Pouches Of Tuna feat. Action Bronson

07. Tuxedo

08. Granite feat. Shinobi Stalin

09. Warm Hennessy feat. Hus

10. M.A.R.S. feat. Large Professor, Cormega, Action Bronson & Saigon

11. Yen

12. Chain Smoking (Illastrate Remix) feat. Sketch & Reef The Lost Cauze

13. Dirt feat. Gangrene

14. Sewer Gravy feat. Gangrene

15. Monetary Policy feat. Beneficence

16. Scarface Nigga (Gensu Dean Remix)

17. Jet Luggage feat. The Alchemist & Oh No

18. Sweet Nothings

19. 76

20. Momma Told Me

21. Jaws

22. Grime feat. Fatt Father, Guilty Simpson & Sean Price


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heard of him never listened, will check him out

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Marcberg is literally one of the best Hip Hop albums ever made.

let's eat, read it and weep

too many indians wanna be the chief

tuck the semi kiss my mom on the cheek

don't be out showing your teeth

niggas a think sh*t is weak

so keep it low and discreet

an album about 15 years in the making


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He has been under the radar but starting to breakthrough

Roc produces them dusted beats and picks good ones too

This is a new track that did not make the album, tuff beat

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