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In Between Mind States

Story Telling Songs

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I caught him walking out the building slow

Quickly i drawed the toast

You shoulda saw his face

Looked like he saw a ghost

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How about a set of storytelling EPs, bruh? :lol:


Back on October 12,2010 I linked with ynotmydream.net release Shes Leaving For College.Since im currently working on vol.2 and all my friends and people in general are actually gettin ready to take this next step in life I got the idea to bring the tape back and to also get alot of people that just heard about me ready for vol.2. I stress that before you listen to the mixtape you must read the back cover.The mixtape takes place inside the mind of a guy during sex with his girlfriend.I hope you enjoy,vol.2 is set to release in November.



β€œThe story of a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend before she leaves for college.He realizes he made a mistake and tries to force himself to get over her. His best friend expressed how she always felt about him and he ran to her for comfort.He used her for her company and sex and later killed her only to have her haunt him living in his head. This brief EP connects to my mixtape Shes Leaving For College, vol2 will be out next year hope you enjoy.”


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..after that he licked a PO, after that he done the vans

sucked off a couple fraud boys that done the scams

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