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Ryshon Jones..

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Young cat from Philly, coming with some strong, creative visuals, good production and a style of his own.

Dropped about half a dozen tapes that I'm playing catch-up on, including a set of conceptual EPs I posted in the other thread.


^ The videos are linked conceptually.

Think he's got something, need to work through these mixtapes but figured I'd start the ball rolling on young bul.

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To keep light on my latest project I decided to add a new verse to the song Heroin For Breakfast off the project. The song is about your emotions, pain, and stress being at a all time high..and comparing them to drugs that you overdose on. The song is indeed a metaphor, I don’t worship the devil nor do heroin, or coke ..just weed. If you have a open mind you’ll enjoy it and understand it..hopefully. The Lower I Fall The Higher I Aim Out now. Ryshon Jones x DJ September 7th :The Philadelphia Experiment: October 4th

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First joint below is off the Life in Reverse tape:


01. Twenty 1 (Skit)

02. UnderWorld (feat. EQ) (Prod. by Talen Ted)

03. Everybody’s Ho (Oral) (Prod. by Talen Ted)

04. Cousin (Prod. by DJ Semaj)

05. Ryshon Interview (Skit)

06. The Fifth Kind

07. OnBeat Love (Prod. by DJ Semaj)

08. Orange (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)

09. <3v (Prod. by Talen Ted)

10. Ryshon Interview (Skit)

11. Lunch Table (feat. Chill Moody & Pate) (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)

12. Karma Jones (Prod. by Geo Sanchez)

13. Life In Reverse (Cowgirl) (feat. Shinte) (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)

14. EvilEmo BITCH (Prod. by Sango)

15. Falling Sun (feat. Rickie Jacobs) (Prod. by Danny Dee)

16. Satan’s Ferrari (Prod. by Austin Millz)

17. Anything In The World (feat. Shinte) (Prod. by Sango)

18. Everybody’s Ho (Oral) (Version 2) (Prod. by Rollin Mills)


Video leads into the next one, although not conceptually..


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he's alright - still roll through a couple tracks on "the lower I fall, the higher I aim"

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