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Heero Yuy

" The drop was so hard they jailed me for 8 months "

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Pic of the tee is inside the link, i'm on my phone so couldn't post it.


A man from Greater Manchester who wore a T-shirt daubed with offensive comments about the killing of two police officers has been jailed.

Barry Thew, 39, was arrested wearing the top with the words "one less pig perfect justice" hours after the deaths of PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes.

He admitted a public order offence and was jailed for four months at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester.

Insp Bryn Williams said after the case that the T-shirt had been "appalling".

A police spokesman said Thew, of Worsley Street, Radcliffe, had been arrested after being seen wearing the T-shirt in Radcliffe town centre "just hours" after the constables died in a gun and grenade attack in Mottram on 18 September.

Mr Williams said: "While officers on the ground were just learning of and trying to come to terms with the devastating news that two colleagues had been killed, Thew thought nothing of going out in public with a shirt daubed with appalling handwritten comments on."

'Darkest hour'

Thew was also sentenced to a further four months for breaching the conditions of an earlier 12-month suspended sentence for the possession of cannabis.

The funerals for the PCs saw members of the public join police officers to pay tribute to them

The two PCs were killed after being called to a house in Mottram, Tameside, on 18 September.

Their funerals took place in Manchester on 3 and 4 October and saw members of the public join police officers on the city's streets to pay tribute to them.

Mr Williams said that "the overwhelming response from the public, who have inundated us with messages of support and condolence, proves that Thew is the exception and not the rule and our communities were right behind us at our darkest hour".



8 f*ck*ng months


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Very disrespectful but doesn't deserve a jail sentence at all.

Judicial system is in tatters.

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It's joke then this country wants to critise Russia for locking up those terrorist harlets p*ssy riot.

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by them locking him up are they accepting that they're pigs?

if it said police id understand but it says pigs lol..

Is what I am thinking.

No reference to police at all.

He could have argued his case, But, he clearly doesn't seem intelligent enough and obviously just made a scape goat.

What happened to the mp that called these lot a 'pleb' recently?

Looks like this is what things have become. So,when daemons seem to look like there are cracking down on racist tweets and what not. This here is the master plan..

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