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FunnyColourMoney (Ft. Samm Rawthstein x OB OBrien) - #MPSE

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Watch and Post the video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h03URsabVS8


At the age of four, he was introduced to his father’s taste in music. From the sounds of blues to soul, and artists like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, his musical palette was getting its early training. His father was a respected blues musician, who won Best Blues Recording at the Hamilton Music Awards for his last record, Carolina Blue, in 2007. In 2010, his father died of cancer, which was a tremendous loss to the blues community. His brother, an accomplished pianist, has played with Levon Helm, Tom Wilson and Colin James.

For OB, music was a given, considering the rich music culture he was raised in, but in finding his own voice as a lyrical artist he carved out a place for himself in Hamilton’s music community. “To me, rap is today’s form of blues,” says OB. “I would say less melodic, but it shares some of the same themes as old blues, a lot of the same rhythms and chords.” He has collaborated with well-known Canadian producers Boi1da and T-Minus and is currently focusing his attention on content creation.

Writing, producing and mixing his own music, he admits he’s a “bit of a control freak.”

Key Facts

  • The rapper/producer is currently travelling the world with producers Boi1da and T-Minus writing for some of today’s upcoming talents. He’s also working on his debut with the producers.
  • Teamed up with director Figz! (Figvarti Films) on six music videos to be released this year, three of which are out.
  • Drake reached out to his hometown friend to add even more levity to the party themed music video “HYFR.”
  • 70,000+ views for the 'Hamilton' video on Youtube

Follow Samm and OB on Twitter @ItsOB @SammyRawthstein

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