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Did I make the right decision?


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there is this girl i met at uni, alrite looking white girl slim waist and an ass, at first we were just f*ck*ng but it turned into something more, emotions got involved and we would find ourselves talking for ages together lieing in bed and i really enjoyed our time together. she was more than just a link we had a thing together and the sex was good, it wasn't all great though, there was one time she hurt me in a bad way and i went out the next night and lipsed a chick and i think she knew... she apologised two days after and we were back to normal after that.

What did she do bro?


bitch told me to f*ck off and gave me the middle finger, because i commented that some guy who was talking to her on a sweetboy tip in the smoking area was acting moist. i was pretty drunk at the time so it felt pretty bad


Lad, thats poor



i know lol

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That backoff was truly lacking. Smh.


no you're lacking






post the pic of the biggest back off you've had and ill post mine



I know it's childish but :lol:

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