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Davicious X

Conceptual Exert

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So I've been writing this book for longer than I should have been, but during that time the concepts of what I want to do with it have evolved into something like this (See below).

I'm leaving a very short concept exert (The images are also conceptual) from that book here for you guys to read and view. I did actually post the section here a few years ago but since then it has been tidied and improved.

I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts and feelings on the work done so far including your thoughts and feelings on the accompanying art work. The full idea will be to have the works of artists from around the world included in the book.

Final delivery wont be as you see it here but as I have 3 pictures for the briefest moment I figured I would alter that delivery slightly.


The moon shone through the missing panel in the roof of the warehouse, casting an eerie glow down on the small lone figure below. The young boy had shed his last tears hours ago, they had dried to his face, but his cries for his parents had fallen on deaf ears. He wore only a small vest, nothing more, which was soaked through with sweat and blood. The only things keeping him company was the moon above, the pole that stretched from the floor way out of view to the ceiling, and the chain that had been locked to his ankle and had caused bruising and cut the skin. He lay on the floor in a puddle of his own urine and shivered cold with fear. His arms were clasped around the pole and his eyes were squeezed tightly shut. The whole left side of his face had been pulverized. Even if he wanted to open his eyes his left one would never open the same way it had before. He couldn’t have been older than 8 years old and knew nothing of how he was supposed to deal with this situation. He wanted to be brave but the last remnants of his fragile confidence had been beaten out of him hours ago.


Lenny watched this happen in his dream state but could do nothing to help as the boy heard the unoiled creaking of a door opening, followed by a hard slam that echoed in the dark open space of the empty warehouse.


He was up like a shot trying to see where the noise had come from, and held onto the pole tighter as his eyes focused on the silhouette of a man in the darkness. 'My turn' came the gravelly voice as a fly zipper was heard coming down and the man slowly stepped into the moonlight…


… Lenny pulled himself away from the nightmare. He didn’t want to see any more, though he had seen far worse on those nights when he couldn’t pull himself away. Tonight though he didn’t have the stomach to see some nasty bastard have his way with an innocent child. Lenny reached to the glass on the table by his side and necked the 2 inches of whiskey. He wished what he saw every night as he slept wasn’t real. Even Ochi had grown tired of trying to get to these events and stopping them before they passed. He rarely answered these late calls anymore.

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yh man this book been long anticipated, is that the style of imagery u looking to stick with throughout? Could be interesting.

Hows things looking in terms of publishing

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I had to go back and do a major edit to fold it into a separate universe but the story as a whole is coming along nicely. The added art works though are not meant to be of a singular style, I'd just use one artist for that. I wanted something bigger. The woman that did this art work comes from Wales but the next works are being done by a guy in Atlanta in America so just seeing the art work is spurring me on.

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