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Barney Stinson

The VIP2 Quote Hall of Fame Thread.

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In keeping with some of the more narcissistic threads on here, I discovered you can look at your posts that have been repped(or -), by viewing your profile and clicking reputation then received. It's like some text montage of your best/worst forum moments, mine made me laugh, obvs. I'm sure other would feel the same about themselves, so go have and look and post some of your favourites or of other people in here, feel free to add context if necessary. I'll start init with a few of my own oldies.

dont even wanna think about the stuff were weve actually harmed people so...In sixthform, went to some sh*t house party, was kinda licked, see some girl i know f*cked off her face, we dont talk but she went to my sixth, she comes up to me telling me to help her cos this next random is fully waiting to take advantage and she doesnt know why shes so f*cked. Told him to f*ck off, he didnt even argue just left. As were sitting down she hands me a 20 and asks me to get her home, then passes out. I just left her there and bought the mandem pizza.To this day I dont know why I actually left her, but I apologised later on(she didnt even remember), and now we are actually friends.

What is this, Old Video Day or something?
Sorry, id only just seen it so naturally wanted to show it to anyone else who hadnt already seen it...sort of like what your mum does with her vagina.Bazinga

what advice do you man have as to how reliable your rebore is and ways you can prevent from jamming etc.cah last thing you want is it to fail on you when you need it most.


Charlie you're such a f*ck*ng slag. Why are you posting on here the way you do when you're supposed to be in a relationship (wich I will assume is serious if you live with him).I feel embarassed you have a man.I'm in one of those no sh*t moods and just the way you post on here qualifies enough for me to make a sweeping judgement based on how much of a slag you are.You see the people getting floored in my avatar? That's what I feel like doing to you every time I read one of your ridiculous "I'm such a slut" posts, or see you pretending to be naive and dumb just so you can extend a sexual or borderline sexual conversation.You make me f*ck*ng sick.

:lol: Angelo threw a pokeball.Angelo caught feelings.

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this are the 2 highest rated ones i can be bothered to find

if i hadnt found it you would have blatantly said it was you

my phone voice is swag, need to practice

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Wow. Didnt even know you could do this. I didnt actually realise how much pos' i got in the Random Picture thread yesterday. Safe Kaygee and Kury Loooool.


Mandem are saying he couldnt remember because he passed out during the head. Unlk.

Thread was quite funny actually Lool.

cant take the cling

Tell him Goddaz has the right technique.



Left my house at 7pm with £15 in my wallet to get a trim.

Just stepped in my house, fresh trim and £500 up from poker. Impulsive casino visits ftw.

So... This has happened a week ago... And Rix is still alive??

Im sorry but your date and your dad and any other male in your family are pussyholes. Smh.

Date knew she f*cked Rix before planning to go meet him and he didn't care

You really think he is gonna weebay a man?

Oh how could i forget. This also killed my soul a little while reading.

You told him you went to f*ck... Before going to meet him... And he hasn't beat???

PMSL this guy!!

Is he Guest10??????

Couple random ones.

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"When you was a chils what did you want to be"

i wanted to b michael jackson

Funny that.


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Nothing happens when I click it?



i jest

mine was the same at first. had to click calendar and back to posts a couple of times before stuff appeared. its just a big long list tho, couldnt seem to work them into any order other than 'by date'.

How do you find out which has the highest amount of pos?


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How do you find out which has the highest amount of pos?

There is a top ten on the index page last time i checked it was kierman and that girl who was crying

my gayle video ranked up there to.

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Guest chap44uns

Caught up LOL

Seriouss heard this and passed thru like



this post was too much

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Posted Armani Rinser on 16 March 2011 - 02:32 PM

snapback.pngWoodpecker, on 16 March 2011 - 02:14 PM, said:

believe me theres people like that in london this aint the movies

Armani Rinser

yeah course, but if u live in the shitty estates.... i will be able to choose my freinds and who i want to associate myself with leicester is different once again, sometimes u have to deal with f*ck*ng arseholes to get wot u want im done with that now

still need to get away still the same arseholes

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booking it a couple of days ahead in summer time?try and look brah.flights alone were 1.8k for both of us.and she wanted me to pay :rofl:
i would be seriously offended that she would even ask tbh

snapback.pngMALEVEN, on 23 December 2010 - 11:49 PM, said: should have done a curtis from misfits

Speculate - should do a curtis from misfits with this fail of a post

day after wiley got stabbed, one of the numerous times. he had a rave that evening and doctors were asking him to stay for a couple more days to do tests etc wiley ducked from the hospital and did the rave anyway when he wern't supposed to. clearly does love grime but when you have talent the urge to capitalise in the end can override integrity especially as man is like 31 or something
Wileys been stabbed numerous times, never knew.
not sure if seriouslarrydavid.gif

snapback.pngVertigo, on 15 July 2010 - 09:29 PM, said:


2,871 friends :lol: good luck any guys trying to chat to her.

Speculate - init just get lost in a sea of 'wg1 babes', 'whats gds' and 'if you need a friend to talk to heres my number _____ holla!'

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