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The Boiler Room Thread

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Just a head up for di bubblers




This show will be broadcasted live from 7pm – 11pm, Tuesday 11th December

The show itself is strictly private , you must be on a guest list to get in.

Everyone else, you get to watch amazing music, free, live, online.

BROADCAST URL: boilerroom.tv/live

The prophecies were correct, not the Mayan ones – the party guy ones.. yes, Red Bull Music Academy are set to bring it once again to Boiler Room. This time showcasing London dance culture at it’s finest, with a line-up drenched in undergrounf heroes that you’ve probably ruined your trainers too many times too over the years.

OH SWEET JESUS EZ IS COMING TO BOILER ROOM.. yes, one of the reasons you DJ or even just like the concept of two records being mixed together. He’s an ambassador of garage and an absolute don in the our eyes. Call your mother..

One half of Tuff Jam, Mr Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont will be heading down too. Those guys were responsible for about 20% of all amazing garage records, so expect the finest of the finest.

BOOM! One half of Groove Chronicles, the legendary Noodles will be joining us too. From making a bunch of classic records with EL-B, to putting out a bunch more classic records on DPR, Noodles is officially THE GUY! Oh, and MC Creed, the much celebrated garage MC will be on his set too.

Ahhhh, this is getting silly now.. Sunship have agreed to play as well – and we all know what that means. It’s time to unwind your mind back to the turn of the millenium and get the fuck down like there’s no college tomorrow.

Red Bull Music Academy and Wily approved Flava D will be coming down as well, to demonstrate how the ladies in grime are often the best thing about it. All other genres should take note!

The new face of grime, Elijah & Skilliam are bringing a bunch of new stuff too. After consolidating their show on Rinse as one of the freshest and vital, it’s been a while since they’ve been on the show. Undoubtably, they will provide wall-to-wall vibes.

Aaaaand, Rinse family member Royal-T will be there too. Go check his album on Rinse Recordings.. it’s a fine piece of work!

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When you think about it EZ has been stealing a living for the past 20 odd years. The guy gets booked to play the same old songs from an extinct genre. He doesn't have to worry about finding new materi

http://boilerroom.tv/session/dj-ez-3-hour-set/     SNM

The digital formats are too clean   Vinyl got that edge to them and bass sounds so much better

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