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You won a Carling Cup & lost a FA Cup Final.


Meanwhile Rafa has managed two teams in the Champions League, while you ain't been it.


and been to TWO Club World Cup Finals...





Keep your attractive, as the BEAST be winning against you.


lol @ Agger being top 5 in the world.

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Its a double edged sword to be fair. At the moment are team arent performing and we havent got superstars in the team... Our best hope of attracting quality players is the fact they want to work with Wenger and he is highly regarded. That being said i think we need a change at the top to shake things up.


Its his last season on his current contract, lets see how he handles this transfer window and re-analyze in Jan. i still think he wants that Champions League title with us and once he gets that he will bounce (dont think he will get that to be fair).

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How long has he got left?

If he don't buy anyone by the end of the month

Fan will be going nuts


A year.


September 3rd, the conclusion of the end of window shop or lack of, and the immediate results, will go a long way to shaping his future.


As will the results between September and January...


If he's well positioned, and HE wants to stay then that contract will get signed.


Then tbh it doesnt really matter how he finishes the season tbh...

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