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Another School Massacre - 28 Dead (20 Children)

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daemonz gonna,... sadly their parents woudl be walking across the road when they see a young black man while their dads would try and vigilante the yout when its bob adams they shouldve feared all

yeah, i cba to find it

@ seydou   I could never be happy about dead people even if they are from the other side .
Just highlighting the hypocrisy when it comes to the media and a lot of people ina this country  .

This whole situation is just fucked up and once again  tis a daemon shooting up the rass place , if this was a person of colour..well i think you know what the headlines would say .

Angry black thug,who spent hours listening to violent,misogynistic rap music guns down children  

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As human beings all we have achieved is more and more means of ensuring that death prevails, that life can be taken away at a whim. This is why I believe we as a race are near our end, as in God will sweep us away.

This guys mum according to the papers was a 'prepper' so she was part of some apocalypse cult and was hoarding guns in preparation for a global armageddon which the kid took.

In this tragedy I believe this killer is as much a victim of this failed society we call America as the kids. All it requires is a skin tone or a disability and you are vulnerable.

Another point of note is the kid played a lot of COD.

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