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The Somalian

Mad Vybez The Essential Mix Volume 1

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Good morning


I have done a mix for Grime Digital, I thought I would share it in here






Track Listing

John Halifax – Megahertz Remix

Masro - Preditah Circles R.I.P

Mad Vybez - Blaze It

Mad Vybez - This Is Sparta

Mad Vybez - Madfest (Spookfest Refix)

Footsie - Spookfest

Mad Vybez - Cocaine

Mad Vybez - Dead It

Mad Vybez - Rotten Bass


Mad Vybez - Devil's Gate

Mad Vybez - Mark of the beast

Lil Rhino Beatz - The Speakers Speak To Me

Mad Vybez - Black Knight

Z Dot – Facts Not Fiction

Dj Myrikal - Drama Riddim

Dj Myrikal and Spooky - OSG Remix

Mad Vybez - Grime Inc 8 Bar Remix

J Sweet - Okay

Dullah Beatz – Kill Confirmed

Mad Vybez - Toxic

TRC – Sonic Boom

Mosca - Bax (Eddie Guard Refix)

Thomas Mellor – That Crack

Zha - Left Leg Skank

Darq E Freaker - Roar

Zha - Par Central

Spooky - News Flash

Mad Vybez - Flight Plan

Darq E Freaker - Indigestion

Preditah - Attack

Masro - Utter Madness (Spooky Remix)

Mr Snowman - Pink Elephants (Spooky Remix)

Spooky - Play Ground

Preditah - Overdose

Maniac - Ouch

Preditah - Goofy

Maniac - G.R.I.M.E

Faze Miyake and Flava D - Volt

Maniac - Evil Dead

Darq E Freaker - Atari Bounce

Deset – Brain Tumour

Wizzbit - Midnight

Faze Miyaki and Spyro - Suspect

SubTrackStar – War Dub

Mad Vybez - Let Loose

Kid Kong - Dance and Salute

Santino - Screwdriver V.I.P 2

Mad Vybez - Mad Riddim

Mad Vybez - Eskimo's In Paris

Mad Vybez - G.R.I.M.E

Avery Cains - Jeepers Creepers

Faze Miyake - Bang Bang (Splurt Remix)

Rapid - Licence

Zha - Fighting Talk

Mr Mitch – Last Stand

Masro - Teeza Bounce R.I.P

G Tank - Bugz

Faze Miyake – Tom & Jerry

Faze Miyake & Preditah - Dell

Avery Cains - Dirt On Earth

Spooky - Toxic Paradise

Sukh Knight – Shankle

JLSaunder - Pissed



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