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Football bets

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As you can see by my lack of content in the sports room I dont follow sport. Not really a gambler ever, played a few roulettes but maybe 100 up on that and 100 down on fruitys in my entire life, cue austrian gambler friend






up 80 euros from blackjack one minute then down 200




invested wisely in some football bets so I could come back got a combination that might cum thru with lazio - cagliari, who you thinks gonna win?


Anyone know any good blogs or wanna go 50/50 on football bets? Lookin to make 10 combination bets of 5 euros a week for 4 weeks and see if it comes up, anyone wanna help me out with tips an we split the winnings?


Any other gamblers? What sites you guys use?


This is better in whatever as there really is a lack of any new threads :/

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check the betting thread in the sports room,


few betting dons in there.

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