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Gordon Gekko

Tech Heads - TV & Soundbar help

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Got a bit of a problem with a soundbar I just bought for the bedroom telly.


I have the Samsung D4003 TV which has 1 HDMI/DVI socket, 1 HDMI to DVI socket, 1 scart socket, 1 headphone socket, and 1 ariel in.


I bought the Sharp HT SB250 soundbar yesterday which has an RCA (red & white socket) for line 1 and a standard 3.5mm socket for line 2.


I have an HDMI cable coming from the HDMI/DVI socket to the xbox and I also use the same wire to connect to me macbook


What I first tried was putting the 3.5mm aux cable from the soundbar line 2 into the headphone jack of the TV and this worked but only put the audio out through the sound bar and muted the TV (I want the sound to come through both). I then bought an output scart to put the rca cables in from line 1. This resulted in the sound coming through both the TV & the sound bar.


However, when I switched over to the xbox (and subsequently plugged the mac in to check) what I got was audio from just the cable ariel channels coming through the soundbar and the audio from the hdmi coming from the TV.


Does anyone know any extensions/converters etc that can be used so that even when I have hdmi plugged in I can still have the dual sound through both the TV & the sound bar?


I don't want to have to compromise the sound with the headphone jack and downgrade in quality to having it just out of the sound bar.


I've tried googling since yesterday evening but had no luck. Anyone got any ideas/had the similar problem?


*edit* I've tried looking through the TV settings to see if theres a way to sync the video with audio for it all to come out of the TV but theres no option for that and I think because ones HDMI & the others scart its 2 different signals? Theres no optical input/output anywhere in the setup either. Am I fucked?

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Sorry to high jack this....


Can anyone recommend a decent soundbar thats not super expensive?


I've always kind of walked past these in shops, but I went to someone's house last night and was blown away by how good it sounded


Theirs cost like 16 billion pounds tho




I don't know what i'm looking for specs wise...


I'd like to grab one on the way home from work today or this week if possible, so would prefer that to online purchase, unless theres a ridiculously good deal?



Any help appreciated

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