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Brendan Rodgers - "My boys about the bants... Av it"

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Teenager 'sexually humiliated by four pro footballers who recorded attack on their mobiles' claims she was asleep at the time

    * Footballers allegedly took pictures of themselves sexually assaulting woman
    * The players wanted 'permanent record' of conquest, jury told
    * All four deny sexually assaulting the young woman at a Brighton hotel

The alleged victim of a group of footballers who took pictures of themselves while sexually assaulting her told a court she only realised she had been attacked when she saw pictures on one of their phones.

The Brighton and Hove Albion players accused of sexually assaulting a drunken 19-year-old, including the son of Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, wanted to have 'a permanent record of their conquest', jurors at the Old Bailey were told today.

The four sportsmen took the young woman back to their hotel room and assaulted her after celebrating a victory for their club, it was alleged.

Brighton and Hove Albion players Anton Rodgers, 19, Lewis Dunk, 21, and George Barker, 21, and former team-mate Steve Cook, 21, who now plays for Bournemouth, deny sexual assault.

Rodgers, Barker and Dunk, from Brighton; and Cook, from St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, also deny voyeurism.

The offences were said to have happened at the Jury's Inn Hotel in Brighton in July 2011.

Richard Barton, prosecuting, said: 'This case concerns how a group of young professional footballers, intoxicated after a night out together celebrating a cup final victory, took advantage of a young woman, who herself was intoxicated and who was obviously in a vulnerable condition.

'After taking her back to a hotel room, they waited until she had fallen asleep, and so was unable to resist, and then sexually assaulted her in a deliberately humiliating way.

'They compounded the humiliation by taking photographs of themselves doing so in order to have a permanent record of their conquest.'

He added: 'They did so for their own gratification, intending to share the photographs between themselves and they may have done so to share with others at their football club.

'These were the actions of a group of arrogant young men labouring under the misguided belief that by reason of their privileged position they could with impunity take advantage of a young woman in this way, because even if she realised what they had done to her, she would not dare report it.'

He said the teenager - described as chatty and bubbly - did not tell police for six months 'through fear of repercussions'.

She finally made a complaint after being 'repeatedly taunted' about the incident by another footballer.

The families of the accused, including Rodgers' father Brendan Rodgers, manager of Liverpool FC, were in the public gallery as the case was opened.

During the hearing the court heard how the woman spent the evening at four nightclubs. At the last, Lola Lo, she met a number of footballers out celebrating and one bought her a drink.

She told the court how she was 'merry' by the time she got to the Lola Lo nightclub at around 12.40am.

She was wearing a pink strapless dress, red heels and three pairs of underwear including knickers, swimming pants and tights.

Her last full memory was of dancing with another footballer after drinking a vodka shot, the court heard.

Since that day she has had flashbacks of walking down the street with Dunk trying to feed her a chicken burger, and then being in a room with Barker and Dunk grabbing her ankles, jurors heard.

She woke up at 11am in a double bed at the hotel.

She said: 'I had Anton Rodgers lying here next to me and on the single bed was Ben Sampoya.'

Asked if she had ever blacked out through drink before she replied: 'No.'

Her dress was pulled down to expose her breasts and her bra had been removed, the court heard.

She said: 'I felt really drowsy, I looked to the right of me and saw lots of tissues and shaving foam.'

She asked Rodgers for his Blackberry phone so she could call her sister and then looked through his pictures without permission.

'I did look through his pictures. I felt something had happened that night, I just didn't know what,' she said.

'First I saw a girl with blonde hair. Then I realised it was me.'

She looked through about ten full size but noticed many more stored on the phone, the court heard.

She said she asked Rodgers to delete the pictures and told him: 'Why did you do this, I thought you were a nice guy.'

She said she was then ushered out because they had to go to a barbecue and went home to lie in bed.

Later she told her boss she had been sexually assaulted but did not say where or by who 'because of who they are - they are football players.'

She told the court she was asleep in all of the photos she saw.

Prosecutor Richard Barton asked: 'Even if you weren't awake was it something you would have agreed to do?'

She replied: 'No.'

Mr Barton told the hearing: 'It would seem alcohol played a part in the events that night.'

A friend of the woman did not consider her to be so drunk that she was a danger to herself.

It was possible her drink might have been spiked but there was no suggestion the accused had interfered with her drink, the prosecutor added.

But he said this was not a case of a drunken young woman who did things when drunk that she later regretted.

Mr Barton continued: 'This is a case of a group of men taking advantage of a woman who through a combination of drink and tiredness, ended up unconscious.

'She was not in a condition to resist, give consent or prevent things happening.'

Mr Barton said when the victim woke up Rodgers was wearing only his underwear and she did not have her bra on.

'Her dress was pulled up, exposing her body. Her breasts were exposed. Toilet paper was strewn around the room and there were remnants of shaving foam.'

The woman had tried to ring her sister but her mobile battery was dead.

Mr Barton said she asked to use Rodgers’ phone. He was reluctant at first but agreed after she was persistent. He said she could not remember her sister’s number and scrolled through photographs on the handset.

'She saw there was a whole series of photographs of a young woman wearing a pink dress. The woman was lying on a bed, clearly not awake and, in some of them, semi-naked men around her.

'She looked at some of the many photographs and then realised to her horror that she recognised the unconscious woman in the pink dress was in fact herself. She has no recollection of these photographs being taken.'

It was the prosecution case that the men in the pictures were the defendants. Mr Barton said the woman woke Rodgers up and asked him to delete the pictures.

'She wanted him to get rid of the photographs but he simply laughed at her. He told her that these were nothing to do with her,' added the prosecutor.

'She pleaded with Rodgers to delete the photographs but he told her "Sorry, we are going to a barbecue". He locked himself in a bathroom and had a shower. She was told by Sampayo to leave, which she did.

'The indifference shown towards her by Rodgers and the others that morning is indicative of the group’s overall attitude to her and the events the night before.'

Mr Barton said that the teenager was not a ‘wannabe WAG’ trying to make up a kiss-and-tell story.

He said: ‘It is not the case she was a wannabe wag - she was clearly mortified by what she found out had happened to her as she lay unconscious.’

She went to police on January 13, 2012 and told them the details of the pictures she had seen on Rodgers’ phone.

They included her lying on the bed with her bra off and her dress pulled down to expose her breasts and shots of her bottom showing her underwear.

Another picture had Barker grinning with his thumbs up next to her thigh which had ‘GB’ written in foam on it.

Several shots featured Rodgers, Dunk and Cook touching themselves by her body, the court heard. There were also shots of the footballers exposing themselves, it was claimed.



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She was wearing a pink strapless dress, red heels and three pairs of underwear including knickers, swimming pants and tights


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So basically slag leaves club with footballers, gets treated like the slag that she is and told to fuck off, takes offence to this and tries getting guys done on a sex charge  :/


Imo they should have caved her head in at the scene and really gave something to moan about. Slag.

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A woman who claims she was molested by the son of Liverpool boss Brendan Rogers and three other footballers admitted telling a 'pack of lies' today (Weds).

The alleged victim, 19, said she had given false information to police but expected them to piece the case together 'like CSI'.

Anton Rodgers, 19, and his Brighton teammates Lewis Dunk, George Barker, 21, and Steve Cook, all 21, photographed themselves humiliating her while she was unconscious, it is claimed.

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