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In/Out Shake it all about.


The EU Debate  

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  1. 1. Should Britain Stay In The EU or Leave?

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Yea it would. Could do with getting some Pro's and Con's up really from someone in the know. I'm quite biased and anti Europe right now so be cool if someone Pro EU could write something up.


  • I don't like the fact it costs us £53 Million a day to be part of it. Especially when there are 500 Firefighters in London losing their job in a bid to cut £43 Million over 2 years.
  • I don't like the open immigration policy we have especially with another 300,000 Romanians and Bulgarians due this year, but I blame the Governments scheme on hand outs for that.
  • I don't like the fact none of the people in Europe even get to elect any of the people who run the EU. Don't like what happened or is happening to Greece.
  • Don't like some of the laws. I.E. their Human Rights courts blocking us from deporting terrorists.
  • Don't like how we put money into Europe and then they gave it to Turkey for them to open a new Car Plant which in turn made Ford (I think) close a plant in Southampton to go to Turkey instead. Basically paying other people to take UK jobs.

They use the single market constantly as some kinda scare monger tactic talking about how leaving the EU will damage the UK as none of them will be our friends or want to do business with us lol... But since we buy far far more from the EU than they do from us can you really imagine BMW saying right we are not selling to the UK as they left our Union. It's ridiculous. We can retain a single trade market with them and open up the doors to do business with the rest of the world which we are not allowed to at the moment.

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Finding out figures would be a ballache.


Germany, as the biggest economy, is also the biggest contributor, Poland is the biggest receiver. The UK contributes much more than it receives too, about €4.7bn more. Why the gap? The UK is a rich country and the EU points out that although it spends less in the UK than the national contribution, the British economy gains much more from access to European markets and contracts. UK exports to the EU were worth nearly €12bn in September alone.

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It's not really a question about economics. It's about whether you believe in parliamentary democracy or not. Its about whether you believe in national sovereignty or not.


From its inception, The EU is, and always has been, a plan to integrate its members into a single supranational state. Akin to a United States of Europe. 


We are subject to the EU’s binding principle of the ‘Acquis Communautaire’, which insists, quite understandably (given the EU’s true nature and purpose),  that powers given up by nation states to the EU can never be given back. This is organically linked to the matching principle of ‘ever closer union’ (or ever narrower union, to translate it more literally) under which the original states, slice by slice, merge themselves into a new supranational body which will eventually swallow them entirely and stand on its own as a nation.  


It already has the ‘legal personality’ to do so, and it will take surprisingly few more steps to complete the process. It is because of this that the leadership of the EU have not abandoned the single currency, despite the immense costs and dangers imposed by this utopian project. 


It always baffles me when people who dislike the monarchy, and an unelected House of Lords, and find these institutions to be incongruous with a modern democracy are happy to be ruled by diktat by bureaucrats from Brussels.  


We could become an independent and prosperous nation without the EU. After all we just became Germany's largest trading partner. It would not be in their interest to put up protectionist barriers against us. 


David Cameron is promising a referendum if he wins the next election. He will never win the next election. He is a fool.


You have to realise that all 3 major political parties are essentially the same and they all hate you.

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labour worse than cons?




Everyone probably had a nice time under Labour but then who wouldn't maxing out a credit card? Don't particularly like the Conservatives but I personally think it's better that you don't spend what you don't have. Plus the whole open door policy on immigration Labour had was an absolute fuck up. Not against people coming here to work or for a better life, same as UKIP. But do it on a work permit basis and put a limit of 5 years working here before they can claim things from the state or something like that. No doubt that would drastically change the amount of people crossing the border.


Agree with Uly as well. Not to get all Conspiracy Theorist here but it all is boiling down to them creating this One Nation shit.


Farage had spoke to Merkel and said to her wouldn't it be better and easier on the greeks to let them leave the EU and devalue to make them more competitive and her reply was something along the simple lines of No because it would ruin their European Dream.

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so youre telling me during the good times, the cons wouldnt have done exactly what every other developed country did? you dont think theyd have seen it as been left behind and to get ahead of others?


its all good looking back saying they done crap, but its obvious everyone was thinking the same, some didnt handle it well (Finland) others did (Germany, Canada etc) but you cant tell me cons would have been different when theyre taking away from the poor and giving to millionaires during a recession, they prob would have been worse.


and immigration, i dont know where all this comes from, but i beg you find me someone who just came into the country (non EU) and immediately claimed benefits without commiting some type of fraud, i dont see that in any legislation.


yeah theyre the same (to an extent, in that theyre major poloitical parties) but running off to pseudo-extremist groups is not really the answer now is it?

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Cannot say what the Cons would of been doing back then but I am talking about what they are doing now with the cuts.... However I believe leaving the EU would save us a whole heap of cash which could go towards paying these debts rather than the burden being put on every ones household. We pay in a lot more than we get out of it.


I don't know the figures and rules on Immigrants coming here but I am going off listening to a Politician who I actually believe in and seems to be involved in Politics for his beliefs. I suppose UKIP are the party you consider extremists? Either way if I or he is wrong about Immigrants being able to claim handouts and housing is it still not a decent idea to put a law down on it? A woman I worked with in her mid 50s who has worked all her life then got made redundant couldn't claim anything when signing on because her Husband works. Yet if somebody who has never worked here can? Surely that ain't right. And why say Non EU?

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