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2013 FIA Formula 1 Season


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If Charlie Whiting says it can happen. ALL the teams take it as gospel. They only found out in this hearing he can only advise. He said Mercedes could test as long as Pirelli offered other teams the test which they did in 2012.

A 3 day test with your current drivers when there is no testing is so valuable the gamble was worth taking.

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/ On my way down to my first gp

Its f*cking pissing it down. Me n the missus doing 50 in the campervan


lol. I heard it comes like Glastonbury? Bare mud.


This would have been my first as I was in a ballot @ work for it. Didn't get them so booked Barcelona instead. Looking at the weather now I'm glad.


Drop some feedback, I might go next year, but I wanna go Monaco.

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Surely gonna be Kimi

If they get Kimi then Vettel's extension ain't surviving past 2014. Kimi ain't a yes man and would be interesting to see what would happen if he was brought into the team.


Last went to the 2011 British GP and weather was bordering on wellies. Last year was a wash out and this year I hear they even have tickets to sell at the gates due to people thinking its going to be worser than last year.

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